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IT Consulting

Is your system running slow? Having a hard time picking out what new PC you should use to run all your clinical applications? Not sure of what graphics card to choose? Let our team guide you on what to buy. 



Workstation Selection

Choosing the right computer for your needs can be pivotal in enhancing your productivity and achieving your goals. Choosing the wrong one can cause excess load times and frustration.


Home Office Layout

If you're experiencing eye strain or neck injuries, it's possible that your home office setup isn't optimized. Allow us to demonstrate how minor adjustments can enhance comfort, durability, and productivity.

Doctor on a Computer
Laws and regulations


HIPPA Compliance

Does your practice comply with the latest HIPAA security regulations? Patient-related information is often stored on personal or business computers unknowingly. Let us assist you in implementing the appropriate level of security for your daily operations.

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